13 June 2011


After my last semester, one of ease and, frankly, boredom, I am now in the throes of homework again.  I forgot how much it sucks to have things due that actually take a lot of thought. On top of the online class I am taking, which I am sorry to say might kill me while I am in London (Skype calls at 7pm Eastern = midnight in London), I have to read two slightly dry nonfiction books and write corresponding book reviews for them.  I am also trying to work out what I need to buy before I go, although not having my loan refund yet is putting a crimp in my planning just now. 

I received my entry letter and ISIC, so that's good, and even if I fail this website building class I still intend to have a good time in London. 

If you'd like to see where I'll be staying, there is a virtual tour available.  The link should bring you to the Stamford Street apartments tour, the first view being one of the kitchens that is shared between I think 6 to 8 rooms, and then you can click on the bedroom view on the right and see what kind of room I'll be in.  Small room, but with a mini fridge and a bathroom all to myself. 

All right, must go now. Homework calls.

06 June 2011

23 Days

This blog is set up to document my month in London with the University of Southern Mississippi's British Studies Program.  I'll be in the United Kingdom for the entire month of July (with a few days of country-hopping outside the UK), visiting libraries and museums and getting class credit for it.  Which is the most awesome idea anyone ever had.

This is not my first time visiting the UK; my sophomore year of undergrad I spent four months in London. Of course, this was from January to April, meaning it was only just beginning to get warm by the time I left.  So being there in the summer is going to be really exciting.  I'll be visiting some places I've been before, but I was only twenty years old at the time (oh lord, that was over seven years ago, I feel old) and I didn't really use my time well or enjoy some things like I should have.  I will be going back to Paris, which I am sort of nervous about, as the last time I went was a complete disaster.  Remind me never to tell you about it.

With about three and a half weeks to go, I've got some packing to do and also some trip planning, not to mention the fact that I decided that doing an online class at the same time as BSP would be a fabulous idea.  So not only will I be cavorting around the UK but I'll also be trying to learn how to do CSS and build a webpage with a class that is five hours behind me time-wise.  Sometimes I really do wonder how I get myself into these things.

Actually, I don't think it's going to be a problem.  I'm also sort of melodramatic about things, just so you know.

Anyway, I leave you now with a picture of me and some friends at Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh in 2004 (I'll be visiting Edinburgh again, yay!)

That's me, second from the left. I still have that coat...

By the way, this blog will be updated frequently, as a requirement for BSP.  So stay tuned for my witty and pithy observations and photos.